Inspired my Spring 2012 Ralph Lauren

I adore and love old Hollywood and I have spent countless hours watching moves from that time era (Time Warner Classics is on my favorites) and wishing that I had lived during those days. Everything seemed innocent and less sinister than in today’s world. For me it takes me back into a time when life was different and almost dream like, now I know for the realist’s out there they would say come back to reality and that I am only fooling myself into believing that times were different and would most likely say that in reality those times came with hurts,losses and disasters as does the present. For those people I say pewee haha, really I know every era has hard times but I still love to dream and go back in time where things were less evil then they are now. So for now I will just keep dreaming and keep believing that those times were really magical.

I was so excited to see Ralph Laurens Collection the whole collection was so whimsical and dreamy. With beautiful hats, soft and creamy pastels and chiffon and satin galore.

Everything was very detailed and over the top but still managed to all come together. I don’t mind being comfy and love some jeans and a tee but I still wish we dressed more like this now. Hope you guys like!

Top, Jacket, Pants and Hat F21

Antonio Melani Takara Bag available on sale at Dillards (click on image to go to website)

Shoes Steve Madden Dejavu


6 thoughts on “Inspired my Spring 2012 Ralph Lauren

    • I get them from alot of different places, but this whole outfit is from F21 minus the shoes:)
      Most of the shopping i do is online these days, i like lulus, nastygal, urban,f21,asos.. those are some just to name a few.
      please subscribe to receive more looks from my closet:)

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