Mixing Patterns

Today’s outfit is inspired by many actually but one blogger in particular always pushes me to want to change my boundaries and not always go with whats safe or normal. I have always loved mixing patterns but have been a little afraid in doing so because it is sometimes iffy and can go wrong really quickly. I am learning as I go and for this outfit I added a small pattern with the head band I’m wearing. I am also getting more comfortable in things not having to match all the time such as my shoes not matching perfectly but by keeping things that are in the same color family will work. So my advice is be BOLD, don’t be afraid of trying new things ESPECIALLY if it is out of your comfort zone. It’s in doing what is sometimes UNCOMFORTABLE that we are usually GROWING:)

Cheers and I hope you enjoy the look!

1.Dress ASOS Skater dress ASOS.COM, 2.Headband forever21.com 3.Socks H&M 4.Badgley Mischka Purse Marshalls

My Inspiration


Transitioning from Fall to Spring

So I wanted to show you guys one pair of pants that I LOVE! but also how it is easy to transition this look from fall to spring. Its simple all you have to do is add darker colors to the light colors such as these pink pants and your easily toning it down by adding the warmer color and this helps it to looker more fall friendly. I consider the first two outfits spring and the last is more a fall look.

I always try and buy items that I know I will be able to move into the next season with a few simple changes!

Cheers and hope you guys like this look:)

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I am more then happy to help.

1. Jacket F21 2.Top F21 3.Pants AA 4.Steve Madden Pumps 5.B Makowsky bag tjmaxx

1.Top F21

1.Teal top Urban Outfitters

These Socks and Heels are made for wearing

Okay so I love this trend, and so therefore am not going to get into the debate of if it and whether it is a hit or miss, or yay or nay. I have simply decided that I like it and therefore won’t get into the question or not if others like it. Fashion is fashion something that is a expression of what you like and feel. I was remembering  back to when I was a kid and had to wear socks with my mary janes or penny loafers, or better yet your knee highs with your oxfords (as a school requirement, as I did) I came to the conclusion that since most likely it was something we were forced to wear is why most of us have grown to dislike it?? either way you can take it or leave it, but I love it:)

The outfits are mostly the same, except I changed the blazer and socks.

1.Dress, Lulus.com 2.Infinity Scarf, 525America.com 3.1'st pair of socks Betsey Johnson, 2nd pair Socks,H&M 4. Jewelry F21 5.Bag, Cynthia Rowley Marshalls 6.Steve Madden Dejavu

Farmer Chic and Country Inspired Looks

 I know your probably thinking farmer chic, and do I really want to be farmer chic? Well if you love cute comfy clothing with a little twang and flair, then I say these pieces are a must and YES PLEASE!

There are many ways you can dress “farmer chic” originally farmers mostly used to wear denim pants or overalls, plaid shirts and a hat to protect them from the sun. Initially, jeans were simply sturdy trousers worn by workers , especially in the factories during World War II.Denim has been through many stages and has gone from being worn as work pants for workers in factories to making a debut with James Dean in the movie Rebel without a Cause. During those times this popularized denim amongst teens and young adults and was seen as a form of rebellion amongst the youth; because of this denim became restricted attire at most restaurants and theaters.

Fast forward to 2012 and denim is seen as attire that is socially acceptable in most settings and will even be worn at times in a more formal setting. Regardless of where denim has come from I must say I am thankful because farmer chic or not denim is one of my favorites and almost everyday staples!

1.Floppy Straw Hat F21,2.Plaid button down and jeans Zara.com,3.Pumps Steve Madden Dejavu,4.B Makowsky bag TJMAXX

D&G Summer 2011 Garden Party

Jessica Biel in Vogue

This weeks TOP 5

These are my top 5 picks of the week, they will mainly be fashion but not always and will be anything that I like or inspires me.

1.Pin Board is a virtual pinboard that let’s you organize things you love. I accidently came across it and since then have been back on every day looking for inspirational motivation and uplifting words. You have to send a request to be invited but after you do you can organize almost anything from food, fashion or inspirational words. You can always just search for what your looking for and browse without signing up.

2. Etsy.com, is a online shop that lets you buy or sell basically or almost anything handmade such as clothing and crafts. I love this website, they have so many unique one of a kind items that you will most likely not see any where else.

3.Heels.com is a online shoe retailer, that sells obviously heels, they carry a variety of brands but what I love about them is that they have a video of every shoe being worn/displayed with video. This can help you decide if you really want them since you can see what they look on feet.

4.BodyRock.tv this may not be new to many people but for those of you who haven’t heard of their online movement for at home fitness, I find it inspirational (just alone that they are superbly in shape) but they also seem to genuinley love what they do. I have tried their workouts and they are challenging but none the less are note worthy and work!

5. John Lennon’s song IMAGINE (What a wonderful concept) lately his works and message to the World has truly inspired me to not only educate myself but also to do more in this World and to live my life without boundries.