Farmer Chic and Country Inspired Looks

 I know your probably thinking farmer chic, and do I really want to be farmer chic? Well if you love cute comfy clothing with a little twang and flair, then I say these pieces are a must and YES PLEASE!

There are many ways you can dress “farmer chic” originally farmers mostly used to wear denim pants or overalls, plaid shirts and a hat to protect them from the sun. Initially, jeans were simply sturdy trousers worn by workers , especially in the factories during World War II.Denim has been through many stages and has gone from being worn as work pants for workers in factories to making a debut with James Dean in the movie Rebel without a Cause. During those times this popularized denim amongst teens and young adults and was seen as a form of rebellion amongst the youth; because of this denim became restricted attire at most restaurants and theaters.

Fast forward to 2012 and denim is seen as attire that is socially acceptable in most settings and will even be worn at times in a more formal setting. Regardless of where denim has come from I must say I am thankful because farmer chic or not denim is one of my favorites and almost everyday staples!

1.Floppy Straw Hat F21,2.Plaid button down and jeans,3.Pumps Steve Madden Dejavu,4.B Makowsky bag TJMAXX

D&G Summer 2011 Garden Party

Jessica Biel in Vogue


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