These Socks and Heels are made for wearing

Okay so I love this trend, and so therefore am not going to get into the debate of if it and whether it is a hit or miss, or yay or nay. I have simply decided that I like it and therefore won’t get into the question or not if others like it. Fashion is fashion something that is a expression of what you like and feel. I was remembering¬† back to when I was a kid and had to wear socks with my mary janes or penny loafers, or better yet your knee highs with your oxfords (as a school requirement, as I did) I came to the conclusion that since most likely it was something we were forced to wear is why most of us have grown to dislike it?? either way you can take it or leave it, but I love it:)

The outfits are mostly the same, except I changed the blazer and socks.

1.Dress, 2.Infinity Scarf, 3.1'st pair of socks Betsey Johnson, 2nd pair Socks,H&M 4. Jewelry F21 5.Bag, Cynthia Rowley Marshalls 6.Steve Madden Dejavu


4 thoughts on “These Socks and Heels are made for wearing

  1. I really want to order these for my grad dress but I’m not sure if they are a true nude or pinky nude! Please let me know!! Thanks

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