Mixing Patterns

Today’s outfit is inspired by many actually but one blogger in particular always pushes me to want to change my boundaries and not always go with whats safe or normal. I have always loved mixing patterns but have been a little afraid in doing so because it is sometimes iffy and can go wrong really quickly. I am learning as I go and for this outfit I added a small pattern with the head band I’m wearing. I am also getting more comfortable in things not having to match all the time such as my shoes not matching perfectly but by keeping things that are in the same color family will work. So my advice is be BOLD, don’t be afraid of trying new things ESPECIALLY if it is out of your comfort zone. It’s in doing what is sometimes UNCOMFORTABLE that we are usually GROWING:)

Cheers and I hope you enjoy the look!

1.Dress ASOS Skater dress ASOS.COM, 2.Headband forever21.com 3.Socks H&M 4.Badgley Mischka Purse Marshalls

My Inspiration



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