Shades of Pink

1.Asos Pink Peplum Skirt (Click on picture)

2.Freddy Pink Body suit (click on picture)

3.ALDO Devoss handbag (click on picture)


5.Taupe Emma Fox Handbag Marshalls (see similar here,click on pic)

Hello guys!, I hope everyone is doing well:) I recently purchased this skirt from asos and have fell in love with it, I love peplum and you will see from my closet that I have many peplum pieces. I think peplum is a pretty easy trend to wear and actually to me doesn’t really go out of style and falls in the category of classic. It is a quick way to add some lady like flare and relatively easy to wear. If you are bigger on the hips I would suggest doing flare on your blouse instead of a skirt as a way to balance out your lower half. NOT saying you can’t wear peplum on your lower half, just saying that if you happen to find that you don’t want the extra volume on your hips, I find this helps. This post wasn’t supposed to be about peplum, but really wearing shades of pink! go figure:)

Have a good weekend! XOXO Sophia

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ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skirt With Peplum Waist


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