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XOXO Sophia

Healthy Hair Journey

Hello, guys! well today I want to talk a little about HAIR! everybody wants healthy, shiny hair RIGHT? I have always been blessed with healthy hair and in my younger years failed to even attempt to APPRECIATE or take care of it. I hadn’t even realized up until recently that my hair was screaming for attention after a massive amount of neglect and over dying and processing it.

I have noticed a big difference in my hair since doing these things and hope they will help you too.

1.Wash your hair less (One of the hardest for me) your natural oils protect your hair. Over washing your hair strips your hair from those natural oils. I go 2 to three days if possible before I wash my hair. Also NO hot water on your hair, this also damages hair. Use cool or warm water to wash. Before putting shampoo and conditioner be sure to ring out excess water before applying.

2. No HARSH towel drying, softly use your towel to absorb the moisture from your hair.

3.Using too many heat tools (curling, crimping, drying) I limit my hot rollers to 2 times a week and YOU MUST use a heat protectant. Also I recommend letting your hair AIR DRY, and no combing your hair when it’s wet. Brushing youf hair when its wet creates more BREAKAGE. If you must comb hair then use a big tooth comb which will help with less breakage.

4. Over DYING and processing your hair. Not saying you can’t dye your hair just be mindful to not over process.

5. Vitamin E, Prenatel vitamins and Biotin are for aiding and promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

6. Last but not least be sure to get a trim and cut off the dead ends. I know this is also very hard especially if you are trying to grow out your hair, but it is necessary if you want to prevent further breakage. A good trim can do wonders for the look and appearance of your hair.

Products I LOVE and recommend, these products BY FAR have helped my hair on its recovery more then any other product I have tried. This product is new and the sister product of It’s a 10. I have tried both and honestly can say I don’t prefer it’s a 10 over this one. This is also more affordable compared to it’s a 10. Each bottle retails at $13.99 a piece

Miracle 7 Shampoo (available at sallys beauty supply)

Argan Oil One n Only (available at SALLYS beauty supply)





Waited 5 months to dye my hair!

Getting Healthier and stronger 2:) Yay!

Well if you try these tips and products let me know what you think and how your hair journey goes, I would love to hear. Or any tips you want to share please feel free, SHARING IS CARING.

I will also update you guys on this journey and if I come across any new products I have to tell you about!

XOXO Sophia

Ice Cream Parlor top & Look alike Jessica Simpson Dany platforms

1.Red flowy shorts (click on pic for similar look)

1.Topshop Cropped top (similar here look)

These shoes are called Lucy and I found them on ebay,  I have been wanting some t-strap sandals like these ever since I fell in love with Jessica Simpsons Dany platform. The Dany platform was sold out forever, and still hard if not impossible to find in the black and brown. When I came across these on ebay I was super psyched!

The difference in the shoes are that the Dany platform is real leather and  the LUCY is pu leather, neither of the Dany or ebay version are actually real wood. I don’t mind that they aren’t real leather or real wood, the price is the only thing I don’t love. They are around 45 plus tax (they ship from the uk, downside :/) so you end up paying 60 ish for these when the real ones run around 100.00. The UPSIDE is the body of the Lucy shoe is in my opinion is better and more of what I like in the shape, and they also offer more colors then Jessica simpson collection.

All in all I give the Lucy platforms a thumbs up:)

TBAR WOOD Platform Heel

Jessica simpson dany wood platform shoes black

Jessica simpson dany wood platform shoes tan

Any suggestions or thoughts?? please share:)

Splurge VS Steal

There are so many gorgeous bags out there and the Proenza Schouler is no exception, this bad boy retails for 1,595! so while I love the buttery leather satchel, my wallet doesn’t :/ Think goodness for look alikes:) See a few I have attached.

Proenza Schouler
PS1 Large Leather in Saddle $1,995.00

Warehouse Turnlock Leather Satchel

The Most Coveted Bag for Years Leather Tan

Riverisland Dark beige crocodile satchel

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag in black and silver studs


Alexander Wang
Rocco Bag in Black/Black Studs $895.00

Replica alexa-studded-calfskin-leather-bag $160.00

alexa-studded-calfskin-leather-bag $160.00

Moto High Waist Bleach Kristen Jeans and Floral button down

1.Studio Floral Chiffon Shirt (click on picture)

2.Coral jacket BLOOM click pic for similar

3. MOTO High Waist Bleach Kristen Jean (click on picture)

4.Chain Teal bag b.makowsky old 5. Steve Madden Dejavu

I waited for a good while, hoping somebody would do a post on these high waisted kristen jeans from Topshop. I love Topshop however since we don’t have them here in the US, it is a lengthy process to wait for your package and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, you have to start all over (URGG:/). So long story short, I got these in a size 26 waist, length 30 inch, I normally wear a 27 inch but they don’t carry that size? (strange). I love the jeans and glad I purchased them, there isn’t a lot of stretch in these jeans but they are made well and a good quality that will last for a long time.

This look is pretty basic, I could wear denim all day long! It’s pretty basic look that you can easily dress down with flats if you don’t like heels, however if you follow my blog you probably know I don’t really wear flats unless they are tennis shoes:) Hope you enjoy this look.

Until next time xoxo Sophia

Creating Summer Layers

1.Heritage cuffed twill shorts 16.90 (click on pic)

2.Mineral Wash denim jacket 28.90 (click on pic)

4. Heritage floral print blouse (click on pic for similar)

5. Steven Madden Bradshah Dillardsd

Creating layers is a easy way to break up proportions, its a trick used to create a smooth silhouette and also can add movement and shape to any look. If your adding layers in the summer this can be tricky, so opt for lighter and airy type fabrics. Also choose pieces that can be removed easily without ruining the look, such as a light weight jacket or sweater. You can also wear a dress with a blouse over it, that you can easily remove.

Creepy Stranger http://www.chloeting.com

Song of style