Will the cutest Bralet, Please Stand Up!

1.Red blazer f21, 2.High waisted moto skinny jeans kirsten topshop, 3.Steve madden pumps bradshaw

3.Red peplum skirt

Topshop Bralet

3.Chain bag Forever21

So lately I have been in love with bralets and I apologize in advance if my blog gets boring! I tend to find something I like/love and stick with it, until I get tired of it OR a very small amount of fashion/things I LIKE will go into my  fashion love file indefinitely. I think it is safe to say bralets is one of them. For me at first I was afraid to try one on, they always seemed like something only very tiny people could get away with, however I always say at least try it on once, you never know whether or not you like something for sure until you give it a try!  And now it seems so many more retailers are expanding and making more things to fit all sizes! thank goodness for that:) Anyways until next time, hope all is well.

xoxo Sophia


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