Boyfriend Jeans

Todays look is a super comfy and relaxed everyday look, I have grown to love boyfriend jeans. It is somewhat different from my usual skinny jeans but I enjoy the change up on what I am used too.

What do you guys think of Boyfriend jeans? I wish more companies made them with all different materials and shapes, they usually run either too tight in the bottom or look overly big? They are somewhat limited now in the (level of cuteness) in my opinion. These are cool they have some little detailing in the back which I like.

1.ASOS Boyfriend Jean with Rocco Stitch (click on pic for similar)

Aldo floral chain bag (click on pic for purse) NOW ON SALE!

Navy cardigan heritage f21 old

Add’ll boyfriend jeans from Gap (click on pic)

Some of the celebs that I think that wear this trend really well are repeat offenders (in a good way) Rachel Bilson always looks super cute and pairs things together really well. As well as Katie Holmes, Gwen Stefani and Reese Witherspoon. There has to be that great mix/balance of masculinity and femininity and I think these girls usually pull it off really nicely.

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Until next time,

XOXO Sophia


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