American Apparel

1.Floral Chiffon Oversized button blouse

2.Four-Way Stretch
High-Waist Side Zipper Pant

I wasn’t sure how these colors would photograph well but all in all I think they looked pretty good. These are my third pair of American Apparel Four way stretch pants. I like them because they are high waisted and stretchy but still suck in enough where you might need it. I did have to go up in size but I find that aa’s pants can run smaller. The last shot I tried adding a pin to the bow to try it as a bow tie, it might work if I tried a little harder but all in all I think I prefer it in my hair.
I also really love their chiffon blouses the only thing I would change is for them to come in more sizes and not just one size fits all. They are extremely long which makes it difficult to conceal in tight pants. Oh the earrings are also american apparel, alright well until next time!

XOXO Sophia



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