Graphic tees and pullover

I am probably going to be one of those old folks who’s wearing graphic tee’s way past an age they should, I have come to accept that and will plan on it unless I feel different when I get there! Tees in general are just comfy, fun and my go to when I want to be comfy and still look cute. They always make me feel like I am a kid again? I know they are just graphic tee’s but I will always love them! I haven’t been buying as much lately so that is why I haven’t posted as much. I will have to re-invent old looks to be new! I am also so ready for FALL and have been buying pieces for the fall. I love the FALL it is always my favorite time of the year! So what do you guys think tee or not to tee??

1. Elmo pullover f21 $19.80 (click on pic for top)

2. Minnie pullover JCPennys $17.00 click on pic for pullover

3.Messeca platform Gavin click on pic for shoes

4.Messeca Platforms click on pic for shoes

5.pullover old f21, see pic for similar

Until next time, XOXO