Christian Louboutin Daffodile and Review on Steve Madden Dejavu (The Pumps most girls want but can’t afford.)

I know this review is a little late, but better late then never, right? Okay so on to the shoes, I love the Christian Louboutin Daffodil or any of their shoes in general, however my budget does not afford such gorgeous beauties. And honestly even if I could afford them, there is something about paying 600 upwards to 2,000+plus on any shoes unsettling to my stomach. Perhaps it’s because I know I could buy a used car cash, put down a down payment on a car or any number of things. In spite of me not wanting to pay that much, it doesn’t mean we can’t stop oohing and aahing at these beauties. So I waited and waited for someone to make look a likes, and finally!!! DRUM ROLLS PLEASE!! We have 2 that made the cut!

If you follow my blog then you will know that these are my go to pumps 99 % of the time, I know they might be overkill so sorry! Well why do I love them, you ask? For one they are comfy and I use that term lightly because let’s be honest, how comfy can a heel actually be? They are easy to walk in and the leather is buttery and smooth.The construction of the shoe is pretty superb for $129.00 bucks. The neutral color makes them perfect and a go to with almost any shade or outfit.

Over all I give these shoes a 10 out of 10, and would definitely recommend these to a friend. I would love Steve Madden to make these pumps in more colors in the future? and perhaps a nice cheetah print? oh and  a Mary jane would be just magnificent.. ahhh a girl can dream.

1. Steve Madden Dejavu

2.Studio TLMS Diamante

I can’t tell you much about these except they might be closer to the heel height of the Christian Louboutin Daffodile

Studio Tmls – Diamante in BLACK

Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160MM

Love yourself as you are

1.Cutout top topshop, 2.Messeca Gavin clogs,3.Rebecca Minkoff Jetsetter Satchel TJMAXX

1. Topshop cutout shoulder blouse, (click on pick for similar)
The Bare Shoulders Button Up Top in Blue Plaid

Messeca Gavin clogs

The Bare Shoulders Button Up Top in Blue Plaid

messeca gavin

70s leather satchel topshop

I wanted to talk a little bit about confidence and loving yourself the way God made you. I know that even as a grown women there is so much out there telling that your not good enough and if you don’t look like this or have that, etc.. the list goes on. And I know what I went through as a young girl, trying to find my place, being picked on and well really being a ugly duckling. I think knowing who you are is very important, loving yourself even as that ugly duckling. God makes no mistakes, remember that. I struggled with having a big nose, big eyebrows and HUGE glasses and I didn’t look like most of my peers in school. I was always heavier then my blue eyed, blonde haired friends. And that at times messed with my head, I always would gaze at the cheerleaders and how small they were and wished I too could be one of them. But since I was a little bigger, I had to settle for the stomp team. I look back and realize that it wasn’t really my weight that stopped me but ultimately it was myself and the limitations and parameters I had put on myself. You see I didn’t see myself as good as the other little girls and therefore I limited what I could be and do. I may get dressed up and love girly things but theres also a reality that I don’t get dressed up everyday, more like two times out of the week. And the other days I have sweats and tennis shoes on. So remember past the glitter you see on TV, Magazines or even blogs there is a real person who is just like the rest of us.

When I catch myself wanting to have vain things that have to do with outward appearance,like to have bigger hips, bigger boobs etc.. I remember that God makes no mistakes and therefore I decide to love myself the way he created me. I also remember that it is wrong to covet your neighbors (car, house, looks) it’s not wrong to look at someone and admire them but you have to remember that it should end there and to be happy/content with yourself first.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.-Psalm 139:14

Product Review Bed Head Extreme Volumizing

If you happen to read my post on back in June on my healthy hair journey, you will know that I have been working double time to get my locks back to health. After much abuse I have realized you must take care of you hair and something I really took for granted up until recently. Okay on to the review, I was looking to keep my hair from breakage and also wanted volume. So I decided I would just experiment and find out what works best me.

1. Bed Head Volumizing

Typically my hair is really picky about what I put on it, (in case this helps) I have medium to thick hair. What I love about this product is that it definitely gave me a noticeable volume, which is what I was looking for. I didn’t opt to buy the conditioner, I figured I would try it alone first. I am thinking it would give it even more boost if I did add the conditioner. It also is sulfate free which is a plus. Overall I would recommend this product, it does what it advertises which is volume, it also smells great. The downside to this product is that it isn’t a “repair your hair kind of shampoo”. So I would save this for days you want or need that extra oomph. Also there is a little bit of weight added to your hair which seemed to stop after the first two trys? But again I would recommend this, it does what it says.

Product Review Messeca Gavin Clogs

Messeca Gavin $119.95

Messeca Gavin

Got a request to do a review on the Messeca Gavin Clogs, I purchased the black ones last year and recently added a new addition to my family by adding the brown! If i like something alot I tend to like to get it in more then one color. The shoes are beautiful and wonderfully constructed. They have held up really well since last year. They don’t stain easily which is great, I have wore the black ones so much and you can’t even tell they are old. These shoes are easy to walk in because of the thicker clogs. Clogs have easily become my favorite go to shoes. They aren’t super comfortable to walk long periods of time. I would also recommend adding some shoe inserts if you are going to wear them for long periods of time.One of the questions I got was that the reviews said they rubbed the side of your ankle. Well my black did on one foot and I just tucked my jeans in it, left it unzipped just a little and then strap the buckle on the last hole? It was a easy fix for me and this worked for me:) If that doesn’t work I recommend that you can take it to a shoe repair store and have them stretched.

So overall I would still recommend these shoes in spite of that issue. They are really versatile and go with alot of casual outfits especially.

I give them a 4 out of 5, and the minus one is just because of the rubbing on the side of the ankle.

Pink crop top, quick outfit post

Just a quick post of a old outfit, this top is from Topshop, It was way to big and I had my mom take it up. It got a tad smaller in the front and back, I will definitely wear something underneath when I go out, I just wanted to show you guys what it looked like with jeans. I wore this in the summer with shorts (see Ice cream parlor post) I feel like I live in my levi jeans and nude heels, but I can’t help it they seem to go with everything. I get my staples and don’t ever stop wearing them:P well hope you guys like, PLEASE subscribe, rate and like me on FACEBOOK for new posts and updates:)

Sorry for the cheesy peace sign! ran out of poses:)
1.TOPSHOP ICE CREAM (click on pic for similar @

Sunday Funday Pullover


Whats trending Baroque, Needlepoint and Scarf Print (From the RUNWAY to REAL Life)

I saw some scarf print this past spring, but I am so excited to get to see it move into fall. Here are some of my favorites I saw on the runway. Designer Balmain is famous for taking our breath away in nothing less then awesome attention to detail in all their work. And the 2012 Fall ready to wear collection is is nothing short of gorgeous, the attention to detailing in each piece is precision and almost resembles some type of armory, which I personally adore. My favorite is this first piece.







Trends come and go so I always try and by pieces that I can add to my wardrobe that won’t cost and arm and leg. If you are unsure how to wear this trend, I would stick with one piece as the focal point and keep everything else remotely neutral.

1. Forever 21.Sheer Scarf print shirt


Sheer Scarf print shirt Forever21


Sheer Scarf Print shirt




3. Baroque Print Basic Dress


Baroque Print Basic Dress $44.99

4. ASOS Chain Print Snood


ASOS Chain Print Snood $20.70

This dress is gorgeous but sold out, keep checking for back in stock @ topshop!

I just came across this gorgeous dress from TOPSHOP, it’s SOLD OUT but I would keep checking back for the back in stock section.

So what do you guys think of this trend? would you wear it, and how?

Whatever you choose to wear, wear it with confidence! -Sophia

Colored Hair, Lace, Studs and Spikes OH MY!

1. Crazy colored hair- You may not be fond of this but I personally love it. I am not bold enough to do all my hair because I think I would ruin/damage it with all that dying. But if I could I definitely would do it pastel colors, even if just for a little while! Colored hair of this magnitude tends to look better on paler skin, just my opinion. But if you are going to do it I recommend doing it ombre just so theres less damage.

Ombre pink

2.STUDS & Spikes, now I know some of these things have been around forever and through time they just get recycled but personally I don’t get tired of seeing them. Try pairing them with something feminine, it balances the look out. Well unless your in to the super grunge look.

Woven Spiked ring handle clutch, GOJANE click pic for website

Studded ankle boot Zara, click pic for website

Steve Madden Awwsome Pewter, click pic for website

zara jacket with studs


3. Lace is a lovely feminine detail that I love that is currently trending, again I think its nice to pair something really feminine to something that is a little edgy. If your looking to add a little feminine detail you can opt for something subtle like the sweater below that has just a little lace added into the blouse. This sweater is cute but relaxed at the same time ,which I love.

Zara blouse with lace detailing

Chiffon AA blouse and Pants

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well and ready for Labor day! The outfit I am wearing is something I would wear for a night out on the town or to dinner with my family. The blouse is from American Apparel, I love AA’s chiffon blouses, they have alot of colors and have more variety in designs now. These both can still be found at AA, I love that they have a variety of neutral and bold colors. Now on to the pants! these are their high waisted pants which I know can sometimes look like mom pants and can give you a mom butt!! but to be honest I don’t care I love them! hence is why I have 3 different pair and will probably get more colors in the future.:) Well thats all for now until next time, XOXO Sophia

1.Four way stretch AA

2.Chiffon button down blouse

3. Topshop bow bag, click on pic for similar

4. Sam edelman tsrap heels (click pic for similar)

Top shop Jumper and Flying monkey jeans

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts, I have been doing some late spring cleaning and getting out with the old and bringing in the new. I am so ready for the Fall and Winter, I may have mentioned before that these are my favorite times of the year.  It’s always like the beginning of a roller coaster, I always adore it and it always passes away much too quickly. ( I know we are technically out of summer but it won’t keep a girl from dreaming).

What are the reasons why I love these seasons you ask? or don’t Ill still share:)

1.Family!  I personally enjoy the upcoming time I get to spend with loved ones

2. A slew of Holidays

3. Awesome comfy fashionable apparel! I can cover up my fall eating with a plethora of oversized sweaters, blouses and shirts! and I shall not forget to mention less maintenance of shaving! sorry if that’s TMI!

4. Of course I can’t leave out great food!

5. And last but not least you get to cuddle with your loved one or one’s on cold winter nights

I know there are plenty more I could come up with but I will stop there for now, So what about you what are you reasons, if any? you can also share with me what you like and dislike.

1.Oversized knitwear in Bubblegum Pink-Topshop Click on pic for similar

2.Highwaisted Flying monkey

Until next time, XOXO Sophia