Top shop Jumper and Flying monkey jeans

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts, I have been doing some late spring cleaning and getting out with the old and bringing in the new. I am so ready for the Fall and Winter, I may have mentioned before that these are my favorite times of the year.  It’s always like the beginning of a roller coaster, I always adore it and it always passes away much too quickly. ( I know we are technically out of summer but it won’t keep a girl from dreaming).

What are the reasons why I love these seasons you ask? or don’t Ill still share:)

1.Family!  I personally enjoy the upcoming time I get to spend with loved ones

2. A slew of Holidays

3. Awesome comfy fashionable apparel! I can cover up my fall eating with a plethora of oversized sweaters, blouses and shirts! and I shall not forget to mention less maintenance of shaving! sorry if that’s TMI!

4. Of course I can’t leave out great food!

5. And last but not least you get to cuddle with your loved one or one’s on cold winter nights

I know there are plenty more I could come up with but I will stop there for now, So what about you what are you reasons, if any? you can also share with me what you like and dislike.

1.Oversized knitwear in Bubblegum Pink-Topshop Click on pic for similar

2.Highwaisted Flying monkey

Until next time, XOXO Sophia


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