Chiffon AA blouse and Pants

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well and ready for Labor day! The outfit I am wearing is something I would wear for a night out on the town or to dinner with my family. The blouse is from American Apparel, I love AA’s chiffon blouses, they have alot of colors and have more variety in designs now. These both can still be found at AA, I love that they have a variety of neutral and bold colors. Now on to the pants! these are their high waisted pants which I know can sometimes look like mom pants and can give you a mom butt!! but to be honest I don’t care I love them! hence is why I have 3 different pair and will probably get more colors in the future.:) Well thats all for now until next time, XOXO Sophia

1.Four way stretch AA

2.Chiffon button down blouse

3. Topshop bow bag, click on pic for similar

4. Sam edelman tsrap heels (click pic for similar)


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