Colored Hair, Lace, Studs and Spikes OH MY!

1. Crazy colored hair- You may not be fond of this but I personally love it. I am not bold enough to do all my hair because I think I would ruin/damage it with all that dying. But if I could I definitely would do it pastel colors, even if just for a little while! Colored hair of this magnitude tends to look better on paler skin, just my opinion. But if you are going to do it I recommend doing it ombre just so theres less damage.

Ombre pink

2.STUDS & Spikes, now I know some of these things have been around forever and through time they just get recycled but personally I don’t get tired of seeing them. Try pairing them with something feminine, it balances the look out. Well unless your in to the super grunge look.

Woven Spiked ring handle clutch, GOJANE click pic for website

Studded ankle boot Zara, click pic for website

Steve Madden Awwsome Pewter, click pic for website

zara jacket with studs


3. Lace is a lovely feminine detail that I love that is currently trending, again I think its nice to pair something really feminine to something that is a little edgy. If your looking to add a little feminine detail you can opt for something subtle like the sweater below that has just a little lace added into the blouse. This sweater is cute but relaxed at the same time ,which I love.

Zara blouse with lace detailing


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