Product Review Messeca Gavin Clogs

Messeca Gavin $119.95

Messeca Gavin

Got a request to do a review on the Messeca Gavin Clogs, I purchased the black ones last year and recently added a new addition to my family by adding the brown! If i like something alot I tend to like to get it in more then one color. The shoes are beautiful and wonderfully constructed. They have held up really well since last year. They don’t stain easily which is great, I have wore the black ones so much and you can’t even tell they are old. These shoes are easy to walk in because of the thicker clogs. Clogs have easily become my favorite go to shoes. They aren’t super comfortable to walk long periods of time. I would also recommend adding some shoe inserts if you are going to wear them for long periods of time.One of the questions I got was that the reviews said they rubbed the side of your ankle. Well my black did on one foot and I just tucked my jeans in it, left it unzipped just a little and then strap the buckle on the last hole? It was a easy fix for me and this worked for me:) If that doesn’t work I recommend that you can take it to a shoe repair store and have them stretched.

So overall I would still recommend these shoes in spite of that issue. They are really versatile and go with alot of casual outfits especially.

I give them a 4 out of 5, and the minus one is just because of the rubbing on the side of the ankle.


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