Love yourself as you are

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Messeca Gavin clogs

The Bare Shoulders Button Up Top in Blue Plaid

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I wanted to talk a little bit about confidence and loving yourself the way God made you. I know that even as a grown women there is so much out there telling that your not good enough and if you don’t look like this or have that, etc.. the list goes on. And I know what I went through as a young girl, trying to find my place, being picked on and well really being a ugly duckling. I think knowing who you are is very important, loving yourself even as that ugly duckling. God makes no mistakes, remember that. I struggled with having a big nose, big eyebrows and HUGE glasses and I didn’t look like most of my peers in school. I was always heavier then my blue eyed, blonde haired friends. And that at times messed with my head, I always would gaze at the cheerleaders and how small they were and wished I too could be one of them. But since I was a little bigger, I had to settle for the stomp team. I look back and realize that it wasn’t really my weight that stopped me but ultimately it was myself and the limitations and parameters I had put on myself. You see I didn’t see myself as good as the other little girls and therefore I limited what I could be and do. I may get dressed up and love girly things but theres also a reality that I don’t get dressed up everyday, more like two times out of the week. And the other days I have sweats and tennis shoes on. So remember past the glitter you see on TV, Magazines or even blogs there is a real person who is just like the rest of us.

When I catch myself wanting to have vain things that have to do with outward appearance,like to have bigger hips, bigger boobs etc.. I remember that God makes no mistakes and therefore I decide to love myself the way he created me. I also remember that it is wrong to covet your neighbors (car, house, looks) it’s not wrong to look at someone and admire them but you have to remember that it should end there and to be happy/content with yourself first.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.-Psalm 139:14


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