American Apparel High waist jeans

Medium high waist jeans american apparel

So I finally made the purchase to get my vintage type feel of high waist jeans from American Apparel.

I went back and forth because honestly these can really be border ugly in some ways and a little bulky. But I still like the feel of something vintage like and I love to try and balance out feminine with a masculine pieces. I like these because they do have that comfy type feel, however the bad part for me is that while they are loose on the bottom they are actually not too loose around my waist:/ diet? I am not sure if thats because I have a short torso or not? but either way I have been wearing these out since I got them.

Also on a another NOTE, I am going to try my best and NOT DYE my hair for a very long time, I was thinking of challenging myself to a year?? YIKES! not sure if I will be able to keep this commitment when I SEE the massive roots coming forth but my hair is damaged and is hard to repair that when you continue to dye it. My sister and MOM don’t think I will keep this challenge but I am going to give it my best, so wish me luck!

The lippie is new and is love forever by MAC with macs beet lipliner:)

Until Next time xoxo



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