Imitation? YAY or NAY?

Skirt old from local shop called bloom

Floral studded blouse Ebay (click on pic)



Hello lovelies, this look alike was from Zaras Spring 2012 collection. I originally wanted their version but thought $80 bucks was way too much for this blouse. I was delighted to see a imitation blouse like the one I have on above. I know some frown on imitation, but not me! I mean are you going to pay for my blouse? didn’t think so:P

In saying that I understand the frustration designers face in design and having their design knocked off. But on the other hand the people (like me) that are buying imitations or knock-offs would most likely not be able to pay afford the name brand product anyway.

So you got to ask yourself the question, are knock-offs really stealing business from them?  For business owners I think it’s a awesome opportunity to make money. The majority of our country buys from foreign manufactures, it’s just the cheapest way. And I do think it’s unfortunate that there isn’t more promotion or incenative for buying and producing in the U.S. Not many companies can say 100% made in the U.S.

I guess all in all I do believe that we should produce more in the U.S but until their is incentives or a balance on cost, I think the verdict is most business owners will go abroad? What do you guys think?

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Until next time, xoxo Sophia


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