Happy New Years OTD


1.Campbells soup tank (click on pic for shirt)


2.Unisex flex hoodie black american apparel


3. Medium leather pouch American apparel


Me and Sam my baby


4.Peanut butter crunch AMINALIER (ON SALE!)





Hello lovlies, I hope that the first day of your new year has been good! I don’t do any resolutions because like most I find them unhelpful? I think whatever change your going to make has to be a mindset. Like if you want to lose weight, eat healthier, stop spoking etc.. you have to have the right mindset. I found that making goals is more important long term than any new years resolutions. Anyways on to the outfit,  I got my kandee animalier shoes in and I must say im in love. I ordered a size 38 and I wear a 8 however these felt a bit snug. I took them to a shoe repairer and had them stretched and they are now fine. I would order a size up if you get them as they seem to run a bit small. Overall I would recommend these shoes, they are made very well and the overall quality of the shoe is awesome for the price. The only downside of their company is their returns process.. they seem to make it hard for returns, prices can be high and if they hold them at customs you would be responsible for any tariff? I have posted all the links to the rest of my look above.

I hope you guys like the look! please rate, share and subscribe!

xoxo Sophia


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