I will not compare myself to anyone

Haven’t posted a while in fitness and honestly I love fitness I think more then… Dare I say fashion? the verdict will remain out.? the reason why I tend to lean towards fitness is because if I was forced to not have one I know I would definitely go without fashion and choose fitness. Working out is one of my main stress relievers! it’s my go to when I just need to get away and breath. I had realized in the last couple of months I was very uninspired about most things.. but especially feeling low about fitness. I would go no matter what and work out but I would just kinda get through my routine. I had to step back and realize what was happening and head back to the drawing board and remember why I love fitness in the first place. I realized that I was also comparing myself alot to others.. not good:( I have always had moments where I would do this but I had become very good at not doing that and being content in who God made me to be. Well I guess I just really got into this habit where I didn’t even realize that it was affecting me in the way that it was. I was comparing myself to other athletes capabilities and bodies and this just did my head in where I felt really defeated!!! urrrggg and frusterated!!! I began to dislike my body and the way my broad shoulders which equals bigger arms and narrow hips! My mom and sister have big hips and bigger boobs!.. me I took after my dad.. >:/ thanks DAD!!;)

Anyways after months of struggling I feel like it finally kinda clicked in my head, I am who I am.. my body is how it is and how God made it. I just finally got a feeling of contentment and also realizing that it’s okay to be just how he made you. I decided to be happy with it and be proud of how I am built and embrace it instead of trying to hide it. There is beauty in every shape and size and I truly believe that, but most of all it comes down to being content with how me made you and accepting that. The best advice I can give is to work WITH what God gave you instead of against it. Nothing wrong with self improvement as long as it is realistic.

You don’t have to try and live up to these HIGH expectations the world tries to place on you and very unrealistic ones I might add.. Barbie boobs, waist hip ratio is very unrealistic. If you happen to be that lucky girl that has it all, well then you just do. But there is no reason for others to try and compete to be like that very low percentage of the population “it girl”. Just don’t guys you will be much happier if you just aim to the best you, you can be physically.

I focus on function, strength and also love the challenge to see what my body can do and accomplish.  Okay enough of the rant! let me know what you guys think and how you feel about this..? any comments are welcomed.




A walk through the park with Melanie Cortez

1. pink button down f21 mens, 2.destructed jeans mango jcpenny, 3.heart chain purse forever21 4. heels piper line by sabrina

loved the photo bomber! had to leave this pic in as it was
just too precious!

This is a old photoshoot I did with my cousin, she is a great photographer and had so much fun working with her. She made me feel comfy and at ease, if your looking for a photographer for portraits be sure to visit her web address at


Hi, I’m Melanie Cortez!
I am a freelance photographer and full-time college student based in Mesquite, TX. I was mentored by Dallas Morning News staff photographers in 2008. I have recently received my Associates in Arts with an Emphasis in Photography. I have photographed commercial work for local businesses. For the past couple of years, I have been a contributor for NeighborsGo, the community news operation of The Dallas Morning News. I am actively involved in my community. Throughout the school year, I speak to local high school journalism/photography students about art and photography.
I admire every detail in photography! I love to capture memories for others to cherish on paper. I absolutely adore the thought of producing photographs for clients knowing the photographs will become part of their family history’s keepsake for future generations to come.

Until next time!

xoxo Sophia

Cropped top and Joni Super high waisted jeans review


Moto Joni Super high waisted

Moto Joni Super high waisted

sneaker heel-less platforms gojane.com

sneaker heel-less platforms gojane.com

1.crop top yellow topshop,2.high waist Joni jeans Topshop,3.pumps kandee, second shoes privileged heelless harkins gojane

Had to get my flex in on the second pic! Got to say I was super stoked these Joni jeans fit me. When I first got them they were snug and today they are still snug just a little less! which ill take! If you purchase them I recommend going up a size since these tend to run a little small. Also on the inseam/length runs short I normally wear a 30 however these barely hit my ankles, next time I will buy a 32 inseam. These are reminiscent of aa’s easy jean. Personally like these better, they are snug in the right places!

College Cheetah Crop Top

College Cheetah Crop Top


For all links click on pics! Until next time,


Zara blouse and AA Pants




2. Four way stretch pants AA, 3. Belt mango, 4.Shoes old steve madden dejavu


Hello everybody just a quick post, I haven’t been posting in a while and alot of things have happened since my last post. Basically we had a death in the family and all I can say is that things seem to lose their meaning
when it comes to everyday things such as blogging. Anyways this is a old photo but something that I still wear now.
As you probably know I have almost all the colors of the aa pants! I think I might be tired out of them for now because

I haven’t been wearing them. Anyways hope you enjoy the look, click on the pic to be find the links.

Until next time



Heelless Privileged shoes, acidwash jeans and Cropped top

Heelless Privileged shoes, acidwash jeans and Cropped top

1.Acid wash jeans Nastygal.com 2.Cropped white tee topshop 3.Privileged shoes Gojane.com So these are my first pair of heelless shoes and they are a little hard to walk in and take time to get used to. They are different and … Continue reading

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