Rimmel Lash Accelerator



New Lash Accelerator Serum with GROW-LASH Complex helps to support the natural growth of beautifully long, remarkably strong lashes. With a unique hybrid applicator for precise application to lashes, lash line or brows!Lash Accelerator Serum with GROW-LASH Complex:- Around-the-clock conditioning and fortifying gel helps to support healthy lash & brow growth- Shapes, separates and sets lashes and brows into place- Improves the appearance of lashes, making them look longer and fuller looking- Creates fuller, re-shaped and natural-looking brows- Quick-drying clear gel is lightweight and easy to remove.

Apologize for the quality of the photos, I was using my camera phone.


This was my third time using this product, and so far I have to say I like it. I applied it in the morning and

again in the night. I put it on before applying mascara as a primer, let it dry and I then applied the mascara.

My lashes are not super long as you can see it clearly made a difference on the length especially.

I don’t know long-term yet as I haven’t used it for long enough to tell if it will make my lashes grow?

But I definitely think it’s worth it, even if it’s just for the length and fullness.

Have you guys tried drug store lash enhancers? if so which ones and what did you think?

Just a quick update below, I haven’t used the lash accelerator anymore but picked up biotinand feel I am happier with the long term results from that then the mascara. I think health wise the biotin will be better longterm you can purchase at any grocery store in the vitamin section.


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These are updated pics above

Product Review Bed Head Extreme Volumizing

If you happen to read my post on back in June on my healthy hair journey, you will know that I have been working double time to get my locks back to health. After much abuse I have realized you must take care of you hair and something I really took for granted up until recently. Okay on to the review, I was looking to keep my hair from breakage and also wanted volume. So I decided I would just experiment and find out what works best me.

1. Bed Head Volumizing

Typically my hair is really picky about what I put on it, (in case this helps) I have medium to thick hair. What I love about this product is that it definitely gave me a noticeable volume, which is what I was looking for. I didn’t opt to buy the conditioner, I figured I would try it alone first. I am thinking it would give it even more boost if I did add the conditioner. It also is sulfate free which is a plus. Overall I would recommend this product, it does what it advertises which is volume, it also smells great. The downside to this product is that it isn’t a “repair your hair kind of shampoo”. So I would save this for days you want or need that extra oomph. Also there is a little bit of weight added to your hair which seemed to stop after the first two trys? But again I would recommend this, it does what it says.

Product Review Messeca Gavin Clogs

Messeca Gavin $119.95

Messeca Gavin

Got a request to do a review on the Messeca Gavin Clogs, I purchased the black ones last year and recently added a new addition to my family by adding the brown! If i like something alot I tend to like to get it in more then one color. The shoes are beautiful and wonderfully constructed. They have held up really well since last year. They don’t stain easily which is great, I have wore the black ones so much and you can’t even tell they are old. These shoes are easy to walk in because of the thicker clogs. Clogs have easily become my favorite go to shoes. They aren’t super comfortable to walk long periods of time. I would also recommend adding some shoe inserts if you are going to wear them for long periods of time.One of the questions I got was that the reviews said they rubbed the side of your ankle. Well my black did on one foot and I just tucked my jeans in it, left it unzipped just a little and then strap the buckle on the last hole? It was a easy fix for me and this worked for me:) If that doesn’t work I recommend that you can take it to a shoe repair store and have them stretched.

So overall I would still recommend these shoes in spite of that issue. They are really versatile and go with alot of casual outfits especially.

I give them a 4 out of 5, and the minus one is just because of the rubbing on the side of the ankle.

Things your MOM should tell you about skincare (THE BASICS)

These are the basics of taking care of your skin, I am no expert I am only sharing with you things that have worked for me.  I titled this things your MOM should tell you, well because I think it is up to mothers to teach their daughters how to take care of their skin. If not our mothers then who? we can learn as I did on my own through trial and error. However there is nothing like some fundamental basics, right?

Honestly there is more to taking care of your skin then a skin care routine. To name a few things off the top of my head would be sleep, eating right, limit your caffeine, exercising, no alcohol if  you can avoid, and of course obviously no drugs and or smoking! (I know that was a mouthful of a sentence!) Honestly consistency and starting young is key in taking care of your skin, however it is never to late to take care of the largest organ in your body.

Okay back to the skin care routine.

1. You Must cleanse your face with a cleanser in the morning and before bed. Never sleep with make up no matter how tired you are. Make up clogs pores ladies!

2.Toner keeps your skin at the correct ph level. The ph level is important because it protects your skin from harmful bacteria.

3. Moisturizer keeps skin soft and moist and gives it all those nice vitamins.

4.Sunscreen is the number 1 enemy of our skin, and the number one cause of wrinkles! use at least a spf 30. I will use even higher if I plan on being out more in the sun on a particular day. And also don’t be fooled by winter and cloudy days!

4. Exfoliate at least 1 a week, I exfoliate at least twice a week. If your skin is dryer you may not need to do this as much. I exfoliate by using a papaya enzyme mask, and I follow that by using a glycolic peel after. I rinse and put a anti-aging cream before bed.

Your never to young to start taking care of your skin, it Is the largest ORGAN of your body and often the most neglected! We only get one body, so lets take care and appreciate it.

I hope this information has been informative and if you have any questions leave a comment below. I will also be sharing the products I love and use, if you try them and like them let me know, I love to hear feedback.

Until next time XOXO Sophia

Avalon Organic Vitamin C Products
Hydrating Cleansing Milk $ 8.67 on amazon, this will run you about 12.99 at target, or health food store
I also use their cleansing gel to cleanse face daily

JASON Natural Ester-C Creme Anti-Aging Moisturizer Facial Treatment Products
In store runs about 21 dollars on Amazon I found it for 10.69!

Earth Science Papaya Glycolic Gentle Skin Peel $9.06 on amazon, again you can find these at your health food stores.

Earth Science Mint Tingle Masque 4 ounces

Apricot Intensive Night Creme $10.60 on Amazon
I always by my things at my local health food store, but i think in the future will be
ordering them online! big price difference. This retails at store for like 21 bucks!

Healthy Hair Journey

Hello, guys! well today I want to talk a little about HAIR! everybody wants healthy, shiny hair RIGHT? I have always been blessed with healthy hair and in my younger years failed to even attempt to APPRECIATE or take care of it. I hadn’t even realized up until recently that my hair was screaming for attention after a massive amount of neglect and over dying and processing it.

I have noticed a big difference in my hair since doing these things and hope they will help you too.

1.Wash your hair less (One of the hardest for me) your natural oils protect your hair. Over washing your hair strips your hair from those natural oils. I go 2 to three days if possible before I wash my hair. Also NO hot water on your hair, this also damages hair. Use cool or warm water to wash. Before putting shampoo and conditioner be sure to ring out excess water before applying.

2. No HARSH towel drying, softly use your towel to absorb the moisture from your hair.

3.Using too many heat tools (curling, crimping, drying) I limit my hot rollers to 2 times a week and YOU MUST use a heat protectant. Also I recommend letting your hair AIR DRY, and no combing your hair when it’s wet. Brushing youf hair when its wet creates more BREAKAGE. If you must comb hair then use a big tooth comb which will help with less breakage.

4. Over DYING and processing your hair. Not saying you can’t dye your hair just be mindful to not over process.

5. Vitamin E, Prenatel vitamins and Biotin are for aiding and promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

6. Last but not least be sure to get a trim and cut off the dead ends. I know this is also very hard especially if you are trying to grow out your hair, but it is necessary if you want to prevent further breakage. A good trim can do wonders for the look and appearance of your hair.

Products I LOVE and recommend, these products BY FAR have helped my hair on its recovery more then any other product I have tried. This product is new and the sister product of It’s a 10. I have tried both and honestly can say I don’t prefer it’s a 10 over this one. This is also more affordable compared to it’s a 10. Each bottle retails at $13.99 a piece

Miracle 7 Shampoo (available at sallys beauty supply)

Argan Oil One n Only (available at SALLYS beauty supply)





Waited 5 months to dye my hair!

Getting Healthier and stronger 2:) Yay!

Well if you try these tips and products let me know what you think and how your hair journey goes, I would love to hear. Or any tips you want to share please feel free, SHARING IS CARING.

I will also update you guys on this journey and if I come across any new products I have to tell you about!

XOXO Sophia