The POWER of Red heels

goThis is from a couple of months back, but I was quickly reminded why I loved this pic.. and well it is the shoes! RED! I didn’t remember or realize the power of the RED shoe, but honestly they make you feel instantly sexy and well as cliche as it might sound POWERFUL, to do what though I am not truly sure!? Maybe give your man that come hither look? or maybe take on the WORLD? ūüôā I have a couple of things that make me feel strong and powerful and one is a button down blouse? not sure why it just does! Don’t know if I should try and figure it out or just let it be, either way What makes you feel STRONG & POWERFUL? would love to know.

The shoes are no longer available in case your wondering, they are from STEVE MADDEN and called lypstick. They have a beautiful Red shoe available called DEJAVUE, LINK HERE DEVAJUE PUMPS


Heelless Privileged shoes, acidwash jeans and Cropped top

Heelless Privileged shoes, acidwash jeans and Cropped top

1.Acid wash jeans 2.Cropped white tee topshop 3.Privileged shoes So these are my first pair of heelless shoes and they are a little hard to walk in and take time to get used to. They are different and … Continue reading

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Pink crop top, quick outfit post

Just a quick post of a old outfit, this top is from Topshop, It was way to big and I had my mom take it up. It got a tad smaller in the front and back, I will definitely wear something underneath when I go out, I just wanted to show you guys what it looked like with jeans. I wore this in the summer with shorts (see Ice cream parlor post) I feel like I live in my levi jeans and nude heels, but I can’t help it they seem to go with everything. I get my staples and don’t ever stop wearing them:P well hope you guys like, PLEASE subscribe, rate and like me on FACEBOOK for new posts and updates:)

Sorry for the cheesy peace sign! ran out of poses:)
1.TOPSHOP ICE CREAM (click on pic for similar @

Sunday Funday Pullover


Whats trending Baroque, Needlepoint and Scarf Print (From the RUNWAY to REAL Life)

I saw some scarf print this past spring, but I am so excited to get to see it move into fall. Here are some of my favorites I saw on the runway. Designer Balmain is famous for taking our breath away in nothing less then awesome attention to detail in all their work. And the 2012 Fall ready to wear collection is is nothing short of gorgeous, the attention to detailing in each piece is precision and almost resembles some type of armory, which I personally adore. My favorite is this first piece.







Trends come and go so I always try and by pieces that I can add to my wardrobe that won’t cost and arm and leg. If you are unsure how to wear this trend, I would stick with one piece as the focal point and keep everything else remotely neutral.

1. Forever 21.Sheer Scarf print shirt


Sheer Scarf print shirt Forever21


Sheer Scarf Print shirt




3. Baroque Print Basic Dress


Baroque Print Basic Dress $44.99

4. ASOS Chain Print Snood


ASOS Chain Print Snood $20.70

This dress is gorgeous but sold out, keep checking for back in stock @ topshop!

I just came across this gorgeous dress from TOPSHOP, it’s SOLD OUT but I would keep checking back for the back in stock section.

So what do you guys think of this trend? would you wear it, and how?

Whatever you choose to wear, wear it with confidence! -Sophia

American Apparel

1.Floral Chiffon Oversized button blouse

2.Four-Way Stretch
High-Waist Side Zipper Pant

I wasn’t sure how these colors would photograph well but all in all I think they looked pretty good. These are my third pair of American Apparel Four way stretch pants. I like them because they are high waisted and stretchy but still suck in enough where you might need it. I did have to go up in size but I find that aa’s pants can run smaller. The last shot I tried adding a pin to the bow to try it as a bow tie, it might work if I tried a little harder but all in all I think I prefer it in my hair.
I also really love their chiffon blouses the only thing I would change is for them to come in more sizes and not just one size fits all. They are extremely long which makes it difficult to conceal in tight pants. Oh the earrings are also american apparel, alright well until next time!

XOXO Sophia


Boyfriend Jeans

Todays look is a super comfy and relaxed everyday look, I have grown to love boyfriend jeans. It is somewhat different from my usual skinny jeans but I enjoy the change up on what I am used too.

What do you guys think of Boyfriend jeans? I wish more companies made them with all different materials and shapes, they usually run either too tight in the bottom or look overly big? They are somewhat limited now in the (level of cuteness) in my opinion. These are cool they have some little detailing in the back which I like.

1.ASOS Boyfriend Jean with Rocco Stitch (click on pic for similar)

Aldo floral chain bag (click on pic for purse) NOW ON SALE!

Navy cardigan heritage f21 old

Add’ll boyfriend jeans from Gap (click on pic)

Some of the celebs that I think that wear this trend really well are repeat offenders (in a good way) Rachel Bilson always looks super cute and pairs things together really well. As well as Katie Holmes, Gwen Stefani and Reese Witherspoon. There has to be that great mix/balance of masculinity and femininity and I think these girls usually pull it off really nicely.

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