It’s all in taking the first step


1.Zigi girl White soothe available at

I have been debating a lot lately on returning to school. I completed my associates over a year and a half ago and in a lot of ways it has gotten me no where. I blame it only choice of degree, little did I know there is such a lack of demand for jobs in fashion marketing, but hey we live and learn. Not to say I didn’t enjoy going to school for what I chose and hey who knows it may help me down the road. But at this point it has yet to bare fruit. I am thinking about going back to school for nursing, but I haven’t yet bitten the bullet so to speak, I’m going to get there I’m sure, however I have always been like this.. I have the need to stew over things a bit! I realize I should pull it off like a bandaid and just get started however Silvas like to procrastinate :/ either way I’m now a Lucas, (marriage) and the Lucas family does not procrastinate! Ultimately it’s all in taking the first step! So let’s just do it right?! What are you waiting on today?

Outfit details 1 Red sweater topshop 2 distressed jeans gojane 3 heels shopakira
4 purse coach


2.Red Jumper TOPSHOP, see similar at asos link provided on picture


3. Jeans (old) see similar at ASOS.COM


4.Madison Coach Purse is available at COACH.COM


I have a brush, and I am not afraid to use it!! 🙂

Pom pom squad


1.Pom Pom Squad Crop Tee By Project Social T


Ignore the HARD STARE! HAHA Was trying to be serious here!

Jeans levi, old click pic for similar look

Jeans levi, old click pic for similar look

Kandee pumps, see pic for similar

Kandee pumps, see pic for similar


Hello lovelies!

Just a quick post, all the outfit details above. Not a whole lot to post right now, or not much new. Well I did
just start a new job! which I am excited about, not in fashion 😦 but for now I will settle for a job that pays my bills!
The top is new from topshop.. I love there tops!! all of them and I am just a little obsessed right now! yikes!! the only I don’t like from their itty bitty tops
is the too high prices for half a shirt >:/ but… I get over it! This particular top is a little short for my taste.. I ended up wearing a higher waist pant in the end

sorry no pics.. However if your okay with exposing a little belly then go for it. Oh by the way in case you need to know size reference, I am 5″2 and 1/2 🙂 and my torso is short and last but not least I bough a large.

On to the jeans.. these are wonderful and stretchy.. the thing great about their leggings is they don’t lose their shape, which is typically what us girls are looking for in a jean, am I right? couldn’t find these exact ones available but I posted some similar ones with link, just click on pic! The purse I wore, sorry not shown is black american apparel clutch that I have used before, see previous posts.

Until next time,

XOXO Sophia

A walk through the park with Melanie Cortez

1. pink button down f21 mens, 2.destructed jeans mango jcpenny, 3.heart chain purse forever21 4. heels piper line by sabrina

loved the photo bomber! had to leave this pic in as it was
just too precious!

This is a old photoshoot I did with my cousin, she is a great photographer and had so much fun working with her. She made me feel comfy and at ease, if your looking for a photographer for portraits be sure to visit her web address at

Hi, I’m Melanie Cortez!
I am a freelance photographer and full-time college student based in Mesquite, TX. I was mentored by Dallas Morning News staff photographers in 2008. I have recently received my Associates in Arts with an Emphasis in Photography. I have photographed commercial work for local businesses. For the past couple of years, I have been a contributor for NeighborsGo, the community news operation of The Dallas Morning News. I am actively involved in my community. Throughout the school year, I speak to local high school journalism/photography students about art and photography.
I admire every detail in photography! I love to capture memories for others to cherish on paper. I absolutely adore the thought of producing photographs for clients knowing the photographs will become part of their family history’s keepsake for future generations to come.

Until next time!

xoxo Sophia

Cropped top and Joni Super high waisted jeans review


Moto Joni Super high waisted

Moto Joni Super high waisted

sneaker heel-less platforms

sneaker heel-less platforms

1.crop top yellow topshop,2.high waist Joni jeans Topshop,3.pumps kandee, second shoes privileged heelless harkins gojane

Had to get my flex in on the second pic! Got to say I was super stoked these Joni jeans fit me. When I first got them they were snug and today they are still snug just a little less! which ill take! If you purchase them I recommend going up a size since these tend to run a little small. Also on the inseam/length runs short I normally wear a 30 however these barely hit my ankles, next time I will buy a 32 inseam. These are reminiscent of aa’s easy jean. Personally like these better, they are snug in the right places!

College Cheetah Crop Top

College Cheetah Crop Top


For all links click on pics! Until next time,


Ally Fashion and AA


Peplum top




Four way stretch pants AA in Navy old,Pumps Steve Madden dejavu

DSC00102 DSC00063DSC00095

FOREVER 21Denim Jacket$29.80

Denim Jacket

Floral Peplum blouse

Floral Peplum blouse

Hello lovlies, I am sorry for lack of posts! honestly with the holidays and everything else I just haven’t been as motivated. I don’t know if it is the time of year or what? just not feeling myself this holiday season. The blouse I have on I got months ago and just haven’t had the chance to wear it. The look might be for a little warmer weather but hey here in TEXAS its doable! Hope you guys like the look.

I also just joined the instagram family if you want to follow me you can find me under slucas1

Have a Happy Holidays and Merry XMAS!

XOXO Sophia

American Apparel High waist jeans

Medium high waist jeans american apparel

So I finally made the purchase to get my vintage type feel of high waist jeans from American Apparel.

I went back and forth because honestly these can really be border ugly in some ways and a little bulky. But I still like the feel of something vintage like and I love to try and balance out feminine with a masculine pieces. I like these because they do have that comfy type feel, however the bad part for me is that while they are loose on the bottom they are actually not too loose around my waist:/ diet? I am not sure if thats because I have a short torso or not? but either way I have been wearing these out since I got them.

Also on a another NOTE, I am going to try my best and NOT DYE my hair for a very long time, I was thinking of challenging myself to a year?? YIKES! not sure if I will be able to keep this commitment when I SEE the massive roots coming forth but my hair is damaged and is hard to repair that when you continue to dye it. My sister and MOM don’t think I will keep this challenge but I am going to give it my best, so wish me luck!

The lippie is new and is love forever by MAC with macs beet lipliner:)

Until Next time xoxo


Love yourself as you are

1.Cutout top topshop, 2.Messeca Gavin clogs,3.Rebecca Minkoff Jetsetter Satchel TJMAXX

1. Topshop cutout shoulder blouse, (click on pick for similar)
The Bare Shoulders Button Up Top in Blue Plaid

Messeca Gavin clogs

The Bare Shoulders Button Up Top in Blue Plaid

messeca gavin

70s leather satchel topshop

I wanted to talk a little bit about confidence and loving yourself the way God made you. I know that even as a grown women there is so much out there telling that your not good enough and if you don’t look like this or have that, etc.. the list goes on. And I know what I went through as a young girl, trying to find my place, being picked on and well really being a ugly duckling. I think knowing who you are is very important, loving yourself even as that ugly duckling. God makes no mistakes, remember that. I struggled with having a big nose, big eyebrows and HUGE glasses and I didn’t look like most of my peers in school. I was always heavier then my blue eyed, blonde haired friends. And that at times messed with my head, I always would gaze at the cheerleaders and how small they were and wished I too could be one of them. But since I was a little bigger, I had to settle for the stomp team. I look back and realize that it wasn’t really my weight that stopped me but ultimately it was myself and the limitations and parameters I had put on myself. You see I didn’t see myself as good as the other little girls and therefore I limited what I could be and do. I may get dressed up and love girly things but theres also a reality that I don’t get dressed up everyday, more like two times out of the week. And the other days I have sweats and tennis shoes on. So remember past the glitter you see on TV, Magazines or even blogs there is a real person who is just like the rest of us.

When I catch myself wanting to have vain things that have to do with outward appearance,like to have bigger hips, bigger boobs etc.. I remember that God makes no mistakes and therefore I decide to love myself the way he created me. I also remember that it is wrong to covet your neighbors (car, house, looks) it’s not wrong to look at someone and admire them but you have to remember that it should end there and to be happy/content with yourself first.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.-Psalm 139:14

Chiffon AA blouse and Pants

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well and ready for Labor day! The outfit I am wearing is something I would wear for a night out on the town or to dinner with my family. The blouse is from American Apparel, I love AA’s chiffon blouses, they have alot of colors and have more variety in designs now. These both can still be found at AA, I love that they have a variety of neutral and bold colors. Now on to the pants! these are their high waisted pants which I know can sometimes look like mom pants and can give you a mom butt!! but to be honest I don’t care I love them! hence is why I have 3 different pair and will probably get more colors in the future.:) Well thats all for now until next time, XOXO Sophia

1.Four way stretch AA

2.Chiffon button down blouse

3. Topshop bow bag, click on pic for similar

4. Sam edelman tsrap heels (click pic for similar)

These Socks and Heels are made for wearing

Okay so I love this trend, and so therefore am not going to get into the debate of if it and whether it is a hit or miss, or yay or nay. I have simply decided that I like it and therefore won’t get into the question or not if others like it. Fashion is fashion something that is a expression of what you like and feel. I was remembering  back to when I was a kid and had to wear socks with my mary janes or penny loafers, or better yet your knee highs with your oxfords (as a school requirement, as I did) I came to the conclusion that since most likely it was something we were forced to wear is why most of us have grown to dislike it?? either way you can take it or leave it, but I love it:)

The outfits are mostly the same, except I changed the blazer and socks.

1.Dress, 2.Infinity Scarf, 3.1'st pair of socks Betsey Johnson, 2nd pair Socks,H&M 4. Jewelry F21 5.Bag, Cynthia Rowley Marshalls 6.Steve Madden Dejavu

Peach caged top, Aztec print flowy shorts, Steve Madden Dejavu Pumps and Anne Klein Chain Bag

I have been ready to wear all my hats and waiting for warm weather but the last few days have been nothing but cold. I got some hats from forever 21 for around $12.00 bucks a piece, I figure that it’s a descent price for something you will wear a handful of times.

The outfit is from Nasty gal and I paired with a chain bag by Anne Klien, I chose to wear the top and bottoms as they paired them together but normally try to put things together a little different then how they sell it. The fabrics are airy and easy to move in and will be great for when the weather gets warmer.

I love this type of short especially for the summer, they are comfy and flowy enough for you to move  around in them.

I also posted similar looks below.

Hope you guys enjoy the look! Cheers!

Sienna Miller

Jennifer Lopez