Purple yellow combo


1.Joni High waisted jeans @topshop


2.Crop polo top @americanapparel


3.Pumps Invade @stevemadden


4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Sloan Quilted Shoulder Bag


Haven’t posted anything in while, this is actually taken a couple of months back but all the items are still available. I have been super busy with family and work. So I apologize for the lack of posts 😦

Hope all is well with everyone!

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Boyfriend Jeans (urban prep meets miss priss)

Hello everyone,

I was super excited to post this look because I have always wanted a cute pair of boyfriend jeans, every attempt at finding the perfect pair always seemed like a drastic fail:( I never thought to look in my husbands closet:) Well I have been so inspired lately by other bloggers mastering this look that I had to give it another go. To my surprise i think they look pretty good. In these pics I haven’t altered them but plan on having them hemmed and slightly brought in on the sides. This first time I wore this sweater I wore it with some high waisted skinny jeans, however I love the freshness of adding something masculine with feminine. So let me know how you guys think I did? I would also suggest digging in your boyfriend/husbands closet for old jeans before running out and buying a pair!:)

I have been dying to pair something like checkered or stripes with cheetah print, I was looking for a way to incorporate the two with kind of a urban vibe meets prep:)

Until next time XOXO, SOPHIA

On the hair I wasn’t sure what looked best with this look?? bun, down or curly? How would you wear this look?

1.Gingham crop top f21 (click on pic for website)

3.Varsity Jacket (similar on f21)

1. Icecream parlor crop top TOPSHOP, 2.Lace bodysuit American Apparel,3. Jewelry F21.com,4.Bow Suede bag topshop

Picture from Fashion Bananas

Picture from Style Pantryd

Scarf Print blouse and Levi Jeans

Heels, Aldo.com (CLICK here for shoes)

Hello guys, today outfit is a scarf print blouse I simply adore from Topshop. Scarf print is very popular/trendy this year, you’ll see it on blouses, scarves, bomber jackets, shoes and even purses.

Hope you guys enjoy this look, as always if there is any look you would like to see, feel free to ask and I will do my best to accommodate! If you like please hit the like on Facebook!

1. Scarfprint blouse topshop.com, 2.Jeans Levi.com,3. Tstrap sandals Aldoshoes.com,4 Bag Emma Fox

Top from ZARA

Pic from chictopia, style pantry

1.PINK SCARF PRINT BOMBER JACKET (click on pic for jacket)