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Peplum top




Four way stretch pants AA in Navy old,Pumps Steve Madden dejavu

DSC00102 DSC00063DSC00095

FOREVER 21Denim Jacket$29.80

Denim Jacket

Floral Peplum blouse

Floral Peplum blouse

Hello lovlies, I am sorry for lack of posts! honestly with the holidays and everything else I just haven’t been as motivated. I don’t know if it is the time of year or what? just not feeling myself this holiday season. The blouse I have on I got months ago and just haven’t had the chance to wear it. The look might be for a little warmer weather but hey here in TEXAS its doable! Hope you guys like the look.

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Have a Happy Holidays and Merry XMAS!

XOXO Sophia

Whats trending Baroque, Needlepoint and Scarf Print (From the RUNWAY to REAL Life)

I saw some scarf print this past spring, but I am so excited to get to see it move into fall. Here are some of my favorites I saw on the runway. Designer Balmain is famous for taking our breath away in nothing less then awesome attention to detail in all their work. And the 2012 Fall ready to wear collection is is nothing short of gorgeous, the attention to detailing in each piece is precision and almost resembles some type of armory, which I personally adore. My favorite is this first piece.







Trends come and go so I always try and by pieces that I can add to my wardrobe that won’t cost and arm and leg. If you are unsure how to wear this trend, I would stick with one piece as the focal point and keep everything else remotely neutral.

1. Forever 21.Sheer Scarf print shirt


Sheer Scarf print shirt Forever21


Sheer Scarf Print shirt




3. Baroque Print Basic Dress


Baroque Print Basic Dress $44.99

4. ASOS Chain Print Snood


ASOS Chain Print Snood $20.70

This dress is gorgeous but sold out, keep checking for back in stock @ topshop!

I just came across this gorgeous dress from TOPSHOP, it’s SOLD OUT but I would keep checking back for the back in stock section.

So what do you guys think of this trend? would you wear it, and how?

Whatever you choose to wear, wear it with confidence! -Sophia

Freepeople Skirt & Pullover sweater

I fell in love with this skirt from freepeople the moment I laid eyes on it! It was a bit pricey but I to me is well worth it. The sweater pullover was 17.50 from and the shoes are last fall from Messeca Madison Clogs from ashburry skies. I have put images of the both ways I would wear it, the first is a little more sexy wheres as the second way is a little more relaxed. I think I prefer the first way, what do you guys think?

Until next time, XOXO Sophia

1.FP ONE Nina Printed Skirt (click on link for skirt)

2.Messeca Madison Clogs (click on pic for shoes)



1.f21 top,2 Jeffrey Campbell Annabella Platform

Shades of Pink

1.Asos Pink Peplum Skirt (Click on picture)

2.Freddy Pink Body suit (click on picture)

3.ALDO Devoss handbag (click on picture)


5.Taupe Emma Fox Handbag Marshalls (see similar here,click on pic)

Hello guys!, I hope everyone is doing well:) I recently purchased this skirt from asos and have fell in love with it, I love peplum and you will see from my closet that I have many peplum pieces. I think peplum is a pretty easy trend to wear and actually to me doesn’t really go out of style and falls in the category of classic. It is a quick way to add some lady like flare and relatively easy to wear. If you are bigger on the hips I would suggest doing flare on your blouse instead of a skirt as a way to balance out your lower half. NOT saying you can’t wear peplum on your lower half, just saying that if you happen to find that you don’t want the extra volume on your hips, I find this helps. This post wasn’t supposed to be about peplum, but really wearing shades of pink! go figure:)

Have a good weekend! XOXO Sophia

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ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skirt With Peplum Waist

Nautical Goodness

1.Forever21 Blazer

2.Red shorts f21

3.Striped shirts f21

4.Clog Heels see nastygal for similar by Jeffrey Campbell